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Happy Holidays from Worldwide Cruise Associates

With 2017 coming to an end, we would like to thank all our clients and partners for a fabulous year. We wish you all happy holidays and very happy 2018.

Nieuw Amsterdam
This past October I had the chance to go on my first charter as the newest member of the Worldwide team. We sailed on the......
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Sailing Croatia
Sailing in Croatia is truly a luxury yacht charter experience! This country offers fascinating places to discover on a private yacht, or smaller yacht cruise ships, that still truly deserve the description "unspoiled" but you will get spoiled with the service onboard these types of sailing vessels available for charter in the Croatian Riviera!

Croatian yachting charter itineraries often begin across the Adriatic Sea in Venice or in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik or Split. One-way charters are ideal here, following the Croatian shoreline as far south as time allows!

I was fortunate to sail on a private yacht charter this past summer and it was an exceptional experience! The cuisine has a blend of coastal neighboring countries of Greece, Italy and French gastronomy. Dishes prepared with freshly caught fish and wholesome locally grown vegetables. As if this wasn't enough, Croatia has a long tradition of producing quality wines. You'll have ample opportunity during your cruise to visit vineyards as well as wineries, sampling hearty reds and delicate whites, some made from grapes grown nowhere else!

Whether you seek a luxury private yacht, small cruise ship or a more modest vessel, the options are endless. There's a yacht for every budget. Croatia is truly a destination that should be on everyone’s radar.

Hurricane Season is Finally Over

Needless to say, this was a tough hurricane season particularly for several Caribbean Islands.  The islands of San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten in particular, and several others as well, got hit the hardest and now are trying very hard to have a winter season.
The cruise industry needs these great island destinations and the islands need the cruise lines.  Most islands are now beginning to see the cruise ships return and the money starting to flow again which is desperately needed.
One aspect of all the recovery efforts that hasn’t been well reported in my opinion is the role the cruise industry has had in all of these efforts.  Here is a partial list of what industry has done and is doing.

  • Millions of Dollars in Direct Donations to the various islands.
  • Matching passenger donations on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • Rebuilding Magen’s Bay in St Thomas and other community related projects.
  • Giving their ships to evacuate stranded tourist, hospital cases and locals at no charge to anyone.
  • Suppling ice and other necessities items. All at no charge.
  • Suppling 2 cruise ships, at a charge, for FEMA and other workers.
  • Making loans to tour related business to help them get back on their feet.

All in all, the support shown for these island from the cruise industry has been outstanding. Hopefully 2018 will show the benefits of these collaborations and we will see a rebuilt, stronger Caribbean.

The Crew Makes the Difference
One of the most over looked aspects of today’s cruising is the actual crew who make the whole thing tick, and loads of memorable experiences.  Thirty years ago when the ships were rough, by today’s standards, the crew had to be fantastic to get the guests to keep coming back - and they were. 
There were none of the gimmicks of today’s big ships or ships with all suites and balconies, just your friendly smiling cabin attendant who went out of his way to make sure you enjoyed yourself.
Today’s crew members are really not that much different.  They are from all over the world. Work long, hard hours with very limited time off (think hours not days.)  Many of them today have training at various facilities, prior to embarking on the ship.  Many come from a hospitality background from their native country, which more than likely are very different than ours.  All of them leave family and friends back home for long months at sea.
Diana and I were cruising this summer on a Holland America ship with a charter client and our waiter overheard our conversation about visiting Bali. He asked when we were thinking of doing this and I replied in September.  He said he was from Bali and that was his vacation time.  Next thing we know he is proudly saying “let me show you my island”.
Well we have all heard this, or next time you’re in town give me a call etc.  So off we go back home taking this comment with a grain of salt.  Two weeks go by and I get an email from Widana wanting to know our exact dates and plans.  He is very serious he wants to show us Bali!  Over the next month Diana hashes out details and we now had a plan for Bali.
As it turns out, we become a party of four, and Widana’s car is now too small for all of us.  So he enlists another HAL waiter on vacation who has a bigger car and he becomes our driver.
We had a great two days of touring Bali and seeing it from a locals point of view. The real highlight of the trip turned out to be that Widana invited us to his house for dinner.  We honestly did not know what to expect from many aspects.
We were greeted by Widana’s wife, son, daughter and assorted family and in laws, many of which live in the house.   The “house” was more of compound with four distinct separate dwellings including a temple.  All very, very nice.  His children are his pride and joy and they cling to their dad.  His lovely wife is “The Best Chef in Bali” according to Widana and we think he is right.  This wasn’t a meal it was a royal feast and most impressive.   His wife was however very anxious about this meal you could tell.  A really great time was had by all.
My whole point of this is, I know the Holland America crew are some of the best in the business, however most all crews are good.  They really do try their best to do their very best.  Hospitality like we experienced might be a bit unique but by and large these crew members seriously try to please.
You don’t teach someone to ask you to show you his island and invite 4 strangers into his house and meet his entire family.  He didn’t have to do this, he certainly didn’t have to put his wife in the position of being chef and hostess. 
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