Celebrity Edge

I was invited this weak for a sneak peak of the new Celebrity Edge at Royal Caribbean’s “Lab” for ship development. Only a hand full of actual trade people had an invite versus a bus load of media people attending Sea Trade in Fort Lauderdale.

This is the first ship to be designed and developed in 3D which we got to experience. What difference does this make? It was pretty easy to see looking at flat paper drawings versus 3D virtual reality. Just as an easy example, in designing the width of a hallway you say it will be 3’ wide but then when you see it in virtual reality you realize it really should be 3.6’. Little differences like this make a BIG difference in the final product.

Another difference for this ship is that they hired two top interior designers/decorators to do the cabin and suite accommodations and boy you can tell the difference. The cabin mock ups looked fantastic with great colors and design!

Now for the biggest cabin news. The cabins on the Edge offer a totally new concept for Ocean Cruise ships, but you might have seen this on Scenic river ships. This is a new design structurally that actually allows for more space and less steel and the bottom line is a cabin that is 23% larger than their last ship.

Your balcony cabin now extends to the edge of the ship versus being an added on patio to your cabin. There is still that railing that separates you from the edge of ship and the ocean but built into this railing is a window that goes up and down at the push of bottom. Additionally, you have a folding door that closes off the area entirely like a traditional balcony. So what you end up with is the best of both worlds and more space, not only in the cabin area but in the bathroom as well. Seeing is believing and we had an actual cabin mock-up of the new cabin side by side of the old cabins. Huge difference not only in size but also the style and design.

The second big revelation was about an entirely new feature call the magic carpet. Imagine an area as long as a tennis court but not quite as wide that hangs on the side of ship. Then connect it to some pretty nifty hydraulics that make it work like an elevator. This means it can go up and down the side of the ship. It will move places throughout the day to be utilized as a tender station, restaurant, night club, etc. The walls and floor are see through so you will have an amazing view, my only concern is what about anyone with a fear of heights. This sounds great in theory but I will be interested to see how it plays out.

There are several other new design areas for Celebrity such as a private area with pool and bar for suite categories as well as the specialty restaurant for suite guests. As well as a very expanded outdoor area for dining and movies under the stars. All of the new features were not disclosed to us as they want to keep building the interest in the ship. But from what I saw this is a ship to watch closely. It will be doing 7 night eastern and western Caribbean cruises starting in December of 2018 and I certainly will be suggesting it.

This report was prepared by Steve Bloss[954 452 8800 | sbloss@www.cruiseco.com] on March 17, 2017. The views expressed as solely those of the author and not necessarily those of WWTCA.
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