Cruising on the Scenic Eclipse Scenic

For years now people have been using “Yacht Like” and other such terms to make people feel like their vessel was a yacht or as close to a yacht as possible. Having started servicing, chartering and actually being guests on real yachts before starting Worldwide Cruise Associates I can honestly say that finally there really is a yacht that is a small cruising vessel. Years in the making, Scenic Eclipse and her sister arriving in 2023 are the real deal!

Let’s start with the appearance of the Eclipse, she REALLY does look like a yacht! We cruised up the Guadalquivir River on a Sunday morning going into Seville. Hundreds of people stopped along the river wondering who owns this MEGA Yacht. When finally at our berth right in downtown Seville (how many times have you done this) we became the talk of the town with what seemed liked everyone taking a stroll by “our” yacht. If you want something that demands attention and is an ego builder this surely has to take the cake.

The Wedding Cake design of the ship mimic’s todays real Mega Yachts including 2 on deck helicopters and one hidden sub. With sides that fold down for the Helicopters, 2 pilots, one mechanic and a team for the sub…this is the real deal. With up to 192 crew for only 128 guests fantastic service will strike anyone lucky enough to take a cruise on the Eclipse. This is today’s pinnacle of cruising for the top performers of any organization.

This all Butler Suite vessel surpasses most cruise ships of any size and mega yachts with suite sizes ranging from 2,637 sq. ft. to 366 sq. ft. All of which have very generous balconies for relaxing or dining. The contemporary suites have all the amenities you can imagine from Illy Expresso machines to fully stocked min bars. Room service is, of course, available 24/7 and is there to help you with in-suite entertaining.

The Eclipse is a fully inclusive ship except for helicopter or submarine rides available at a reasonable extra charge. During our cruise when we asked for specific wines they always seemed to appear in any dining or lounge venue. There is enjoyable but very lite evening entertainment in the main lounge and also in the Theater. Tours are also included if the ship is in Antarctica or the Med like our cruise. They are of course geared to the area the ship is operating in and are very worthwhile and not you’re standard walking tours. On our cruise there was a private bull fight for our group one evening just to give you an idea (the bull was not killed).
Dining is always a nightly high light on any small vessel and the Eclipse does not disappointed. There are 8 dining venues plus a Chefs Table (do whatever it takes to get an invitation, it’s that good!) plus room service. The food is fantastic from a Steak House to several Asian options. This is a 5 star ship with a 6 star kitchen.
Other features are a very large spa area, the Main Lounge is the heart beat of this ship, an observation lounge, and several on deck Jacuzzis and a hydro pool.

We highly recommend the Eclipse for a charter or a small group. Your participants will remember this trip for many, many years to come.

Written by Steve Bloss 09/22