A Quick Tour Of The Scenic Eclipse

After over a 1 year delay in construction we finally had the opportunity to visit the Eclipse.

First off from the outside this ship is gorgeous. She does look like some of the newer true Mega Yachts, and having had the opportunity to be on a few of those yachts, she does have some of the interior feel of a Mega Yacht. The interior color scheme is mostly black and grays which gives some areas a very dark feeling. The décor is very contemporary with the art and furniture to match.

Suites all come with Butler Service and are very generous in size ranging from 400 sq ft to over4,000 sq ft including the balconies. Again very contemporary décor, furniture and art with the gray and black theme. The individual bottles of nice toiletries is missing, being replaced by large wall units – again following the new trend. Electrical and device outlets appeared to be limited, however there are Dyson hairdryers in each cabin.

There are 10 restaurants on the ship – the largest holding 110 guests while most of the others are in the 20 guest range. While there are 8 bars listed most of them are actually a couple of seats in the waiting areas before entering the restaurants. The really only true bar and lounge is the Scenic Lounge which is part of the reception and tour desk area. This lounge also adjoins the Theatre which also does not hold the entire ship’s capacity.

The toys on this ship are great! The highlights are two 6 passenger helicopters and one 6 passenger submarine that can dive deep if the occasion arises. The helicopters require 2 garages, 2 pilot, 1 mechanic and fuel storage and a flight deck area. The sub requires a garage taking up a lot of space as well and 1 pilot. If you really think about this it takes a lot of money, extra personnel, and revenue space on the ship. So when I heard the price of $450.00 and $750.00 for 20 and 40 minute flights respectively I wasn’t surprised. They are really state of the art pieces of equipment.

With a plan to really try to go off the beaten path the ship has some unique features. They do not have to drop an anchor due to a computerized “staying in place” system. This meant they recently could go to a location in Bahamas no other cruise ship can ever go. How about stabilizer fins that are 20% smaller than the Allure of the Sea, unheard of on a small ship, this means a good ride even in the roughest seas and also while doing tender service. Every system has a backup including two complete bridges which I have never seen before. Very impressive!

This is definitely a ship and company to watch as they have another one coming. And just like their river ship product, everything is included in the price except heli and sub trips, not cheap!

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This report was prepared by Steve Bloss, October 2019[1(954)452-8800 | sbloss@cruiseco.com] on October 28, 2019. The views expressed as solely those of the author and not necessarily those of WWTCA.