Cruising on the Ritz Carlton Evrima

I recently had the opportunity to cruise on the Ritz’s first ship – Evrima. After a much delayed and rocky beginning the Evrima is finally here and with a big sister coming later in 2024.

This is the first of a wave of hotels entering the world of Ocean Cruising. It is also one of a new trend of sexy yacht like ships coming into the industry. While the Evrima had a rocky start she is having a beautiful beginning as there is no question the ship is really eye catching both outside and inside. Her sleek lines and striking paint job make the ship stand out in any location. With only 298 suites for 596 passengers and 246 crew,

she is trying to live up to the high standards of Ritz Carlton hotels. Her big sister coming in 2024 will have 448 suites. The interior of the Evrima in my opinion has more of a feel of a hotel versus yacht or cruise ship. The use of rich woods is striking throughout the ship that gives her a very warm comfortable feeling. The 7 passenger decks all flow very well, and décor wise it blends perfectly. The ship has a distinctly Ritz feel to it.

The deck 9 is almost entirely dedicated to wellness and spa facilities which is a significant amount of space for this size ship. Deck 4 is your entry to the ship and contains most of the public rooms, with other public rooms scatted on various decks. Of particular note is deck 3 which houses the The Marina Terrace and access to The Marina. This is a truly unique area. While “Marinas” are far from unique, this entire area is innovative and new thinking.

You access deck 3 from aft on Deck 4, to a bar and lounge area that is like a “yacht club” at your favorite Marina EXCEPT the sides of the ship open up for outdoor seating like a veranda on the outside of the ship. Of course this is where you access a full range of water toys and swimming off the ship, weather permitting. This area is very COOL and inventive.

Dining on small ships may mean small options but not on the Evrima, as you have 5 options plus room service. The main dining room is The Eurima Room on deck 4 and it has 131 seats which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Pool House on deck 5 overlooks one of the two pools on the ship, and serves breakfast and all day dining until 5 pm.

Talaat Nam is a very good Asian fusion dinner venue. S.E.A. is an additional charge Michelin dining experience and a must try. On Deck 8, indoor/outdoor dining for lunch and dinner at Mistral. There is a private dining room for an additional charge for a very personal dinner. All the meals were great with creative menus. These are not hotel meals! All ships of course need bars and lounges and Evrima delivers.

Most of them have ocean views or are even outside, which I really enjoyed cruising in the Caribbean. When open the Marina Terrace Bar and Lounge Area is a must to enjoy your favorite beverage. The Living Room is the true focal point on the ship on deck 4 during the day for coffee and earlier risers, mid-day relaxation and evening live music to 11.

For night and late night the DJ keeps people moving in the Observation Lounge with indoor and outdoor access. The Eurima feels more like a hotel during the day and evening in regards to onboard programing and entertainment, and that being very lite. You won’t find pool games and activities planned every hour either day or night. The evening activities listed above are actually the only things happening at night and thankfully the band and DJ were great and it seemed the entire ship was up late most evenings.

During the day you are either off the ship or just taking it easy around the pools or The Marina. This is a great ship to charter with a crew ready and willing to please. The only draw back is the only place to gather as the entire group is on deck or of course dine arounds can work as well. Needless to say groups of 50 to 60 or less will love this ship.

Steve Bloss