NCL Norwegian Prima …..Christening Cruise

Wow, what an upgrade for NCL.

That was the first impression one gets when they board this new 142,500 gross ton vessel which has a double occupancy for 3,215 passengers.

The Prima has great flow and many open spaces that was done in an extremely creative way. You can see the upgraded elements and attention to detail in the décor and finishes throughout the vessel.

With great space and service ratios this vessel compares to a competitor at Celebrity Cruises. This vessel was the first to be under the guidance of NCL’s chairman Frank Del Rio and his personal touches onboard are very reminiscent of the quality of the Oceania and Regent brands that the chairman takes great pride in.

A great multi deck atrium called Primrose plus other super features in the all-suite 107 room complex called “Haven” really are an upgraded experience onboard this vessel.

This new design and configuration are a first for NCL which is what separates this vessel from the rest of the NCL fleet.

Ocean Boulevard is the main thoroughfare onboard and is dotted with indoor/outdoor eating venues and special sculptures line the outside deck which enhance the high-end ambiance and feeling you get onboard.

The Prima has such a wide assortment of different types of eating establishments that it would be impossible to eat in them all during a single 7 night cruise. Besides having the traditional high end specialty restaurants, added eating outlets have been established such as a high tech food court with 11 different choices plus 2 stand-alone Starbucks that are very popular in main areas of the ship.

The Prima Theatre seats 752 and is different in that it has retractable seating that can transform into different entertainment venues. The onboard shows were very theatrical and diverse when in operation.

The top deck is full of multigenerational fun with a triple-level Racing Speedway and electric cars plus many outdoor games from Mini Golf to even a Pickleball court.
The Mandara Spa is certainly a highlight of the vessel which is actually a work of art with a Zen like feeling as soon as soon as you enter. What an outstanding experience for even the most experienced spa user.

With lots of marble and artwork onboard it separates the Prima from the rest of the fleet. This ship is a real upgrade for the NCL family.
The seaworthiness of the vessel was outstanding as its new aqua-sleek design really gives the passengers a very smooth ride and sometimes you have to wonder if you are really cruising.

All in all, the Prima is a great addition to the NCL fleet with terrific modern technical upgrades that put this ship in a very high end category for such a ship of its size. The spaciousness of the Prima is evident throughout the ship and should please all who sail on her.

Written by Bruce Setloff 10/22