Celebrity Silhouette

We boarded the ship on December 29th, 2022, for a 5-night Holiday Sailing and it was still beautifully decorated from Christmas time. This ship was built in 2011 and is the 4th member of 5 Solstice Class Ships from Celebrity (Also Celebrity Solstice-Equinox-Eclipse-Reflection in that order starting from 2008 through 2012).

At 122,000 Gross Tons – 1033 feet long & 121 feet wide, this is considered a large ship with a capacity of 2886 passengers with 1451 staterooms and 1500 crew. In February 2020, this ship underwent a full refurbishment including a fresh outside paint job from a completely white ship to an all-navy blue ship now, plus refreshing all staterooms as well as all the main public areas.

This ship has 12 dining options and 15 bars so there’s no shortage of options for anyone’s tastes. One special attraction to these Solstice Class ships that tend to attract ALOT of attention is the Lawn Club located on 15 AFT. It’s a half-acre of REAL GRASS that grows on the top deck area and is cared for by a greens keeper. 


People are allowed to hang out or on the lawn club and enjoy a cocktail or just take in the sea views from the grass areas which is very unique in cruising. Another attraction is the Martini Bar on deck 4. The entire bar itself has a metal top that always stays frozen for everyone’s drinks to rest on a sheet of ice continuously to stay cold which was a very popular place. The Casino is one area that didn’t look much refurbished. While it was clean and had some of the kindest staff working there, it had mostly older style slot machines and table games. It stayed busy, and people had fun in there regardless. The Theater on decks 4 & 5 offered quality shows with various musical acts throughout the cruise. Various shops for tax- and duty-free shopping can be found on decks 4 & 5 of the Celebrity Silhouette

This ship flows well and has various areas that could be used as meeting space for incentive groups including an area called The Meeting Place located forward on deck 14. Guests staying in Suite Class accommodations are treated on Celebrity. You’ll get suite only dining in Luminae Restaurant as well as your own Sundeck to enjoy at the Retreat Sundeck.

In closing, My Thoughts on Celebrity Silhouette.

I believe the refurbishment, or revolution as Celebrity calls it, has made the Celebrity Silhouette a very updated and nice choice for your larger groups or charter needs, with enough to do to keep everyone engaged.

Written by Kurt Budde on January 3rd, 2023.